Welcome to Trinity!

God's greatest gift to us 
is the message of his grace and truth 
in Jesus Christ.

Join us as we gather around God's Word for insight, encouragement and hope.

Sundays - 10:00 am

Mondays - 6:30 pm


"A family of believers sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
nurturing God's people and reaching out to bring others to Christ, 
all for the glory of God.”

Trinity is located in the heart of the village of Redgranite at 330 Foster Road.


Diving into God's Word

"Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst." 
Join us each Sunday morning after worship as we are refreshed by God's Word.

Sunday School & Bible Study - 11 am


At Trinity we always strive to provide opportunities for Chriistians to gather with one another.  God has planted his word into each of our hearts.  And his goal is that we share it with each other to encourage one another in our common life of faith.  Together, by God's strength, we are strengthened and reminded that each of us is an integral part of the family.  We laugh together, work together, cry together, rejoice together united in the family of God.


We were created anew in Christ Jesus to make a differencein the lives of others.  God has made us lights to shine forth his word of truth through our words, actions, gifts and abilities.  We're always looking for opportunities that God places before us to share with the people of his world the Gospel of Jesus.